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We’ll make it easy for you - Entries should be submitted electronically using the MIT Collaborative Intelligence form (link above).

A complete entry consists of the following components:
  • Team and/or Individual Information (Don’t have a team? No problem, we’ll help you find one! )
  • Optional:
    • Already have an idea you’d like to share? Feel free to submit a quick Executive Summary and/or Presentation.
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  • A team must be comprised of at least one MIT student
  • A team must be comprised of at least one member who brings an interdisciplinary perspective regarding the ethical and social implications of technology and computation
    • (e.g. background in social science, humanities, philosophy, economics, etc.)
Judging Criteria

Clear Problem Statement + Innovative Solution Approach
Assess the magnitude of the problem statement and novelty of the proposed innovation

Sample judging questions:
  • What specific problem(s) is the technology addressing?
  • What is the value of solving the problem?
  • How is the problem addressed in the market currently?
  • Why is the company’s technology unique? Does it improve upon existing market offerings or does it create a new, innovative approach?
Deep Market & Customer Knowledge
Assess the richness of market context and customer insights developed and incorporated
  • Has the team developed a thorough understanding of the market they are addressing? (e.g. market size and segmentation, competitive landscape, barriers to entry, technology trends, etc.)
  • Has the team demonstrated a clear understanding of opportunities based on end-user insights and evidence of product/market fit?
Strategy + Execution Plan
Assess the strategic plan and operational path to execution
  • Is the team solving latent user needs in a technically feasible, financially viable, and ethically/socially responsible manner?
  • Has the team developed a well-structured, executable plan to bring the technology/innovation to market?
    • Detailed business/revenue model
    • Positioning and entry strategy within competitive landscape
    • Market segmentation and beachhead market
    • Product development roadmap
    • Financials – sound growth projections, funding requirements
    • Key operation metrics and future milestones
Team Composition, Values, and Alignment
Assess the strengths, opportunities, and commitment of the team
  • Is the team constructed to represent a well-balanced mix of expertise and interdisciplinary backgrounds? (e.g. business, technical, humanities, policy, etc.)
  • Has the team established a clear foundation as it relates to the company’s values, culture, and structure? 
  • Has the team integrated social and ethics related analysis into their core – demonstrated through their vision, strategy, and operational components?
Potential Societal Impact of the Technology
Assess the technology's potential impact to society – exploring whether the technology can be safe, maximally beneficial, understood, and accessible by society
  • How does the company’s vision align with the Collaborative Intelligence Competition charter?
  • If the company proves successful, will it have a significant societal impact?
  • Which communities would be most impacted – both positive and negative – by this new technology innovation?
  • What might be the unintended consequences of this new technology?